Water: Exploring the Blue Planet

Water is in crisis. We are in crisis. All life depends on water and we are running out of it, but where exactly is the water and where is it going? This book provides new insight into the world of water and contributes to a wider understanding of the current predicament.

Water: Exploring the Blue Planet is essentially a map of water. It features astonishingly detailed photographs that reveal the watery health of the Blue Planet. Readers are taken aboard satellites circling the Earth from where the most technologically advanced cameras and remote sensors capture what lies below. The photographs are accompanied by descriptions and organized in thematic chapters.

Water reveals the damage wrought by nature -- cyclones, volcanoes, floods -- and the destruction wrought by humans -- vanishing reservoirs, receding glaciers, melting ice sheets. And what of our attempts to control water? How do the hydropower dams, shore stabilization structures and desert oases we build affect the movement and availability of water? How does our insatiable thirst and recklessness cause poisonous salination, desertification and the disappearance of seas, lakes, reservoirs, islands and shorelines?

In the text and captions, the expert authors explain current knowledge of life's essential element, from the biodiversity of the oceans to the inestimable value of drinking water. Readers can follow the tracings of Earth's most important resource as it travels around the globe, and acquire a new and deeper understanding of the water crisis. They will also marvel at the utter beauty of Earth.

The photographs in Water are produced by the highest caliber satellite and remote-sensor imagery that current technology allows. The observation-based data covers 1.5 billion square miles (4 billion sq. km) and comprises a real-time map of the world's water. These maps are used to support decision-makers in areas such as public safety, environmental monitoring, oil and gas exploration, and infrastructure management.

At the exceptional price of just $49.95, this important book is an essential purchase for academic collections (especially earth sciences, hydrology, environment, ecology, sustainability, economic development, cartography and remote sensing), for public libraries seeking an up-to-date reference, and for interested general readers.

Titre : Water: Exploring the Blue Planet
Auteur : Collectif
Éditeur : Firefly Books 
Thème : Beau livre
Format : Relié
Pages : 312
Dimension : 23 x 30 xm
Langue : Anglais 
Date de publication : Septembre 2016
ISBN : 9781770858138