The Illustrated Provence Letters of Vincent Van Gogh

Titre : The Illustrated Provence Letters of Vincent Van Gogh 
Auteur : Martin Bailey 
Éditeur : Batsford 
Thème : Monographies d'artistes 
Format : Relié  
Pages : 160 
Dimension : 25 x 20 cm 
Langue : Anglais 
Date de publication : Février 2021 
ISBN : 9781849946582 

Résumé : 

The moving story of Vincent van Gogh's last years told through his own words and pictures.

Vincent van Gogh's letters are an exceptionally vivid and moving testimony to the artist's struggle to survive and work. They have always been widely read, but this book's combination of letters and illustrations gives an intimate insight into the painter's daily domestic life in Arles and Saint-Remy, his spiritual torment, and the process of artistic creation itself. Vincent tells his own story of his most creative period. The book includes important letters to Gauguin and his brother. The selection is richly illustrated throughout with his paintings, drawings, and facsimile letters, many of which contain revealing sketches of his work in progress. Dr Martin Bailey's introduction provides essential background information about Vincent's early life, setting the period in Provence in perspective. It deals in particular with Vincent's relationship with his family, especially his brother Theo, who was his closest companion and the recipient of most of his surviving letters from Provence. Biographical notes about him and all the other recipients are provided, as well as a guide for visitors to those places painted by Van Gogh.