Rembrandt. The Complete Paintings

Titre : Rembrandt. The Complete Paintings
Auteurs : Volker Manuth, Marieke de Winkel, Rudie van Leeuwen
Éditeur : Taschen
Thème : Peinture
Format : Relié
Pages : 744
Dimension :  29 x 39,5 cm
Langue : Anglais
Date de publication : Juin 2019
ISBN : 9783836526326

Résumé : 

The Dutch Golden Age spawned some of history’s greatest artists and artisans, but few can boast the genius of Rembrandt. Commemorating 350 years of unparalleled legacy, this XXL-sized monograph gathers the artist’s 330 paintings in exquisite reproductions and details that reveal how, in all their forms, Rembrandt’s painted works are built of intricacies—the totality of each subtle wrinkle, gaze, or figure.