Ocean Atlas : a journey across the waves and into the deep

Titre : Ocean Atlas : a journey across the waves and into the deep 
Auteur : Tom Jackson 
Éditeur : QEB Publishing 
Thème : Livre jeunesse 
Format : Relié 
Pages : 64 
Dimension : 24 x 30 x 1,5 cm 
Langue : Anglais 
Date de publication : Août 2020 
ISBN : 9780711251861 

Résumé : 

A comprehensive exploration of our oceans, covering geography, ecosystems, and animals through a mix of illustrations, photographs, maps, and diagrams. Map out the oceans layers, from the sunlight zone to the abyss, exploring the conditions within each zone and the different creatures that live there, as well as exploring features of the ocean floor such as underwater volcanoes, thermal vents, and the mid-Atlantic ridge.

It also:

  • Explores ocean currents and tides.
  • Looks at the migrations of different ocean-dwelling creatures.
  • Maps the sea bed, including information on how oceanographers gather their data
  • Explores sea temperatures and ocean chlorophyll and plankton, looking at the impact these elements have on ecosystems.
  • Looks at environmental issues such as pollution, acidification, ice-cap melt and rising temperatures.