Listen! Listen!

Titre : Listen! Listen! 
Auteur : Paul Rand, Ann Rand 
Éditeur : Princeton Architectural Press 
Thème : Livre jeunesse 
Format : Relié 
Pages : 32 
Dimension : 8 x 10 cm 
Langue : Anglais 
Date de publication : Octobre 2016 
ISBN : 9781616894948 

Résumé : 

Paul Rand and his wife, Ann, wrote this book for their daughter, Catherine, to explain the interplay of sound and color. Paul's distinctive papercut illustrations of bold shapes and bursts of color beautifully complement Ann's rhythmic text, encouraging children to listen and repeat noises they hear every day: the "blop" of a raindrop, the "wham!" of a shutting door, the whisper of the wind in the trees, and the "crunch crunch" of buttered toast.