Goddesses and Heroines: Women of Myth and Legend

Description du produit

Titre : Goddesses and Heroines: Women of Myth and Legend 
Auteur : Xanthe Gresham-Knight 
Éditeur : Thames & Hudson 
Thème : Livre jeunesse 
Format : Relié 
Pages : 128 
Dimension : 18 x 25 x 2 cm 
Langue : Anglais 
Date de publication : Juin 2020 
ISBN : 9780500651919 

Résumé : 

Told afresh for a contemporary readership, Goddesses & Heroines brings alive stories from a variety of cultures with palpable energy. We meet the youthful Aphrodite; Hecate, the maths whizz; the heroic Mulan; Oshun, the Nigerian goddess whose foresight sparked a rebellion that freed slaves; and the not-so-fair-y godmother Baba Yaga, whose bone-crunching approach to life will be an inspiration to any power-hungry young thing.

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