Arts & Crafts: From William Morris to Frank Lloyd Wright

Havana Living Today  presents both stylish homes that survived the Cuban Revolution as well as innovative Havana interiors created in recent years amid the beginning of a new era and lifestyle.

Far from the cliché images of dilapidated palazzos and 1950s-era cars, Havana Living Today presents a vibrant, creative, and forward-looking city through the lens of an eclectic collection of domestic interiors. Recent changes in Cuba--such as the easing of restrictions on travel and commercial real estate enterprises--have led to a flurry of world-class renovations, giving rise to a palpable hopefulness in the Cuban capital and innovative interiors for a tropical lifestyle.

Havana Living Today is an insider's view of the styles present in this revitalizing city, taking the reader into the elegant, eccentric, sophisticated, and classical melange of the city's finest and most fascinating interiors.

This is the first book of its kind to counter long-held preconceptions about how people live in Havana, presenting a vision of the city that international visitors have rarely seen until now, offering fresh inspiration to design aficionados and homeowners in warm climes.

Titre : Arts & Crafts: From William Morris to Frank Lloyd Wright
Auteur : Arnold Schwartzman
Éditeur : Palazzo Editions 
Thème : Architecture, Renaissance
Format : Relié  
Pages : 224
Dimension : 23 x 29 cm 
Langue :  Anglais 
Date de publication : Novembre 2021 
ISBN : 9781786750655