A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Cat

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Titre : A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Cat 
Auteur : Nia Gould
Éditeur : Chronicle Books 
Thème : Essais 
Format : Relié  
Pages : 120 
Dimension : 16 x 21 cm 
Langue : Anglais 
Date de publication : Août 2020 
ISBN : 9781452178387 

Résumé : 

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Cat is a book of more than 20 influential artists reimagined as artistic felines.

From Frida Catlo to Yayoi Catsama, Wassily Catdinski to Henri Catisse, each portrait of the artist as a young cat is accompanied by a clever tongue-in-cheek biography revealing the thrilling feline lives (all nine) behind their famed artwork.

Loaded with clever cat puns, this playful romp through art history will twist the whiskers of any cat-loving creative, whether you're discovering the inspiration for Frida Catlo's renowned self-pawtraits to reflecting on the catmosphere that gave rise to Georgia O'Kitty's landscapes.

* Features fantastic feline artists such as Mary Catsatt and Meow Weiwei
* A cute and clever little book that cat and art lovers alike will love
* Packed with tons of real biographical info about each artist and plentiful cat puns

For cat lovers with an artistic purr-suasion, this is the ultimate celebration of their favorite artists. 

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