Inuit Herbal Tea - Northern Delights

Inuit herbal teas are prepared according to an ancestral know-how with wild plants from Nunavik, such as blackberries, juniper, crowberry and Labrador tea. These extraordinary plants, which brave our long, harsh winter to unfold with splendour in the short Arctic summer season, are full of goodness.

  • Inuit Herbal Tea with Labrador Tea

A calming and invigorating blend of Labrador tea, bearberry, peppermint, coltsfoot and fennel seeds. The secret to its comforting flavour is Labrador tea. With its refined taste, this tea is ideal for relaxation, regeneration and contemplative activities.

  • Inuit herbal tea with blackberry

Subtle and maple-like, with blackberry leaves and dandelion roots. A beautiful amber colour and gently soothing, this tea also contains sarsaparilla, fenugreek seeds and roasted mate leaves.

  • Arctic Blend Inuit Herbal Tea

A fine Inuit herbal tea with juniper. The golden yellow infusion has a camphorated taste with a hint of lemon-mint.

  • Inuit herbal tea with crowberry

A deep purple colour, the black crowberry infusion has a fruity aroma. This herbal tea has a slightly acidic and astringent taste of spicy berries. Crowberry (Empetrum nigrum) is a shrub found in temperate and cold areas of the northern hemisphere, also known in the Magdalen Islands as black ghouls. Traditionally, crowberry was used to reduce stomach pains.

  • Inuit herbal tea - Arctic blend

This golden yellow infusion has a spicy, coniferous taste. Discover the richness of northern culture by tasting Inuit herbal teas specially selected in Nunavik. This tea was used to counter the effects of stomach aches and gastric problems.

  • Inuit herbal tea, assortment

Difficult to choose a particular herbal tea? Try all the blends of the 5 original discoveries with this charming assortment box of 20 herbal tea bags. They may all be your favourite!