The Fusion of Architecture & Art: The Judaic Work of Kenneth Treister

Ken Treister is a world renowned architect, winner of multiple awards. Mr. Treister has designed and built iconic projects in every continent and major city in the world. The work with which he most identifies is the Holocaust Museum in Miami Beach, FL. It took over 5 years to build as it included the signature hand rising to the heavens cast in bronze. Mr. Treister designed the this piece and multiple figures that are in the museum building and its gardens. In lavish photos taken by Mr. Treister himself, the book provides a personal tour of the this heartbreakingly beautiful museum. With countless photos of every part of the museum, Mr. Treister recounts the significance both from a religious point of view as well as from a purely creative vision. This explains the title of the book. It truly is an unforgettable example of one man's inspired vision of a tragic moment in world history while at the same time celebrating the beauty, power and resilience of the jewish faith and its people. (Ken Treister)

Title: The Fusion of Architecture & Art: The Judaic Work of Kenneth Treister
Author: Collective
Publisher: Books & Books Press
Theme: Monograph, architecture
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 186
Dimensions: 25 x 32 cm 
Language: English
Release date: October 2015
ISBN: 9780991327119