Talking to a portrait : Tales of an Art Curator

Title: Talking to a portrait: Tales of an Art Curator
Author: Rosalind M. Pepall
Publisher: Véhicule Press
Theme : Canadian Art
Format: Softcover
Pages: 224
Dimension:  0,9 x 21,5 x 13,9 cm
Language: English
Release date: 22-06-2020
ISBN: 9781550655414


This is a collection of stories about art works--whether an oil portrait, a wilderness explorer's sketchbook, or a Tiffany lamp--and how the author fell under their spell. Few people are aware of the work, the emotion, and the obsessions of a curator's job. Exhibitions come and go; they are forgotten after a few years, but they live on in the curator's memory. In these fifteen essays we encounter artists falling in and out of love, family tragedies, the creation of the Stanley Cup, the secrets of Tiffany, Antiques Roadshow, a rootless baroness, the design craze for aluminum, small Japanese boxes called kogos, watercolour sketchbooks of the Canadian north, a beautiful prayer room in Montreal, gondolas flying through windows in Venice, and Moscovites who love Goldfinger. Archival black and white photographs and colour plates--including Edwin Holgate's Ludivine, one of the most beloved and recognizable Canadian portraits ever painted--make this book a must-have for art lovers, students, academics, museum-goers, and readers interested in the role art plays in the creation of our lives.