Stars of the Caucasus

Title: Stars of the Caucasus 
Author: Michael Franses 
Publisher: Hali Publications 
Theme: Decorative arts 
Format: Hardcover 
Pages: 228 
Dimension: 26 x 31 cm 
Language: English 
Release date: March 2018 
ISBN: 9781898113591 


Published on the occasion of an important international loan exhibition at The Azerbaijan Carpet Museum in Baku, this multi-author book is much more than a mere catalogue. Written by a team of international museum professionals and independent scholars, it is the first co-ordinated and detailed study of the West Caspian region's characteristic silk embroideries. The book traces the history of embroidery in the Causasus, the multi-cultural sources of domestic embroidery iconography and designs in which the textile traditions of the Iranian and Turkic worlds meet, materials and needlework techniques, as well as the relationship between embroidery and the pile carpet weaving tradition in the region. AUTHORS: Michael Franses and Penny Oakley are both independent textile scholars and dealers. Murray L Eiland III is an archaeologist and textile researcher. Jennifer Wearden, Moya Carey, Sumru Krody, Irina Koshoridze and Nino Kuprava are all former or current museum curators in London (V&A), Washington DC (The Textile Museum) and Tbilisi. SELLING POINTS: * First book on the subject of antique Azerbaijan silk embroidries * Contains previously unpublished research and previously unseen material * By a selection of world-leading experts and scholars 150 colour