Ozias Leduc: An Art of Love and Reverie

Title: Ozias Leduc: An Art of Love and Reverie 
Author: Collective 
Publisher: Montreal Museum of Fine Arts 
Theme: Artist Monograph 
Format: Softcover 
Pages: 318 
Language: English 
Release date: January 1996 
ISBN: 9782891922074 

Summary :

An Art of Love and Reverie examines the entire breadth of the Saint-Hilaire painter's career. Leduc's imagination was stirred and nourished by his immediate surroundings — his studio, his orchard, Mount Saint-Hilaire and the Richelieu River. Yet, he was also keenly interested in the artistic movements and debates of his time. The more than two hundred and fifty works examined in this catalogue reflect a creative practice that, although coloured by Symbolist affinities, was profoundly original. In the subjects he chose for his still lifes, landscapes, portraits and religious pictures, and in the emphasis he placed upon drawing, colour and composition, Leduc's art formed a vital link between tradition and modernity. Together, his artistic thinking and the works he produced represent a major contribution to the development of painting in Quebec and Canada.