Masterpiece Mix

Title: Masterpiece Mix 
Author: Roxie Munro 
Publisher: Holiday House 
Theme: Youth literature 
Format: Hardcover 
Pages: 32 
Dimension: 23.5 x 29 x 1 cm 
Language: English 
Release date: August 2017 
ISBN: 9780823436996 


"Today I will make a new painting," declares an artist, but first she must build a stretcher to stretch the canvas; select which paints, brushes, and palette knives to use; and, most importantly, decide what to paint. Will she paint a still life in the style of Robert S. Duncanson or a portrait in the manner of Mary Cassatt?

Using reproductions of art from the National Gallery of Art by Vincent van Gogh, Judith Leyster, Claude Monet and others pivotal figures in art history, Roxie Munroe introduces readers to a variety of iconic artists, art styles, and time periods.

The sweeping painting she creates by the book's end cleverly incorporates all 37 pieces she has considered. Eagle-eyed readers will love finding the works of art in her painting and learning more about the artists in the notes in the back matter.

You'll want to start building canvases and mixing colors for a masterpiece of your very own!