Look! The Fundamentals of Art History, Third Edition

An invaluable handbook, Look! The Fundamentals of Art History enables students to get the most from their art history course. In a clear and engaging style, Anne D’Alleva empowers readers to approach their coursework with confidence and energy.

The book introduces two basic art historical methods – formal analysis and contextual analysis – and this second edition provides even more step-by-step guidance about how these methods can be used in class discussion and in writing essays and papers. The common strengths and weaknesses of an art history essay are highlighted by using real examples of written work, and at each stage of the writing process D’Alleva offers valuable advice on developing an argument convincingly.

Providing a fascinating view of the study of art history within its historical context, this book will be particularly helpful for those considering a career in this rewarding discipline.

Title: Look! The Fundamentals of Art History, Third Edition
Author: Anne D'Alleva
Publisher: Laurence King
Theme: Art history
Format: Softcover
Pages: 184
Dimension: 21 cm x 14 cm 
Language: English
Release date: February 2020
ISBN: 9781786276360