Living In Style: Fine Furniture in Victorian Quebec

Title: Living In Style: Fine Furniture in Victorian Quebec 
Authors: Collective 
Publisher: Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Musée de la civilisation 
Theme: Decorative Arts 
Format: Hardcover 
Pages: 527 
Illustrations: 550 
Langue: English 
Release date: 1993 
ISBN: 9782891921619 


This volume carries readers back to the heart of the Victorian era, on a fascinating voyage of discovery into our own recent past. Setting their studies against the historical and artistic backdrop of Quebec during the years from 1840 to 1900, the . authors invite us to step into the domestic worlds of people from diverse milieux. Through their detailed studies of the various rooms in the house — the drawing room, the dining room, the bedroom — they help us to understand the daily lives of our nineteenth-century forefathers, and to appreciate the extent to which contemporary lifestyles are still influenced by that period. In its focus on the changing tastes of a society newly open to the world, this study highlights a representative selection of the furniture produced by the hundreds of meubliers, cabinetmakers, carvers and decorators working in Quebec during Victoria's reign. With its wealth of images, many published here for the first time, the book demonstrates the importance of revival styles and foreign influences, and conjures up all the elegance, comfort, originality, refinement, oddity and extravagance of an extraordinary era. This first exhaustive study of "fine furniture" in Victorian Quebec has been published to accompany the exhibition presented at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and at the Musee de la civilisation in Quebec City. As well as 490 black and white photographs, the volume includes sixty full-colour illustrations. It has been edited by John R. Porter, Professor at the Universite Laval and Chief Curator at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.