Legal Spirits: Myths and Symbols of the Legal Profession

Title: Legal Spirits: Myths and Symbols of the Legal Profession 
Author: Francesca Trop 
Publisher: Francesca Trop 
Theme: Quebec and Canadian art 
Format: Hardcover 
Pages: 54 
Dimension: 26 x 30 cm 
Language: English 
Release date: 2018 
ISBN: 9782981738028 


Why do lawyers wear robes?

Why are those robes always black?

What is the origin of the jabot, the hood, the wig?

How long has the legal profession existed?

What do we know about judges and juries?

This book looks at the origins of many symbols of the legal world with an original eye and meticulous research. By helping jurists to decode their world, it presents a new perspective on their profession.

Placing each symbol in its historic or cultural context, the author’s comments shed fresh light on the physical manifestations of legal power and debunk a few urban legends along the way.

Each topic is illustrated with an original work by the author, a defrocked lawyer, artist and painter.