Set of 6 STABILO Woody 3in1 coloured pencils

Product description

Set of 6 STABILO Woody 3in1 coloured pencils

The Woody is three pencils in one: Coloured pencil - Watercolour pencil - Fat chalk. Unbreakable, it is a must for children!

These pencils have multiple functions, they can be used on all types of paper, windows, in the bath and even on walls and clothes!


  • 6 pencils of different colors
  • 1 sharpener


  • A body designed with high quality wood (cedar) PEFC labeled - wood from sustainably managed forests.
  • A large and solid lead that does not break at the slightest drop.
  • It can be wiped off smooth surfaces such as glass or whiteboards.
  • Lead width: 10 mm - extra wide lead.

    28.00 $
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