Denis Farley

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Title: Denis Farley
Author: Vincent Lavoie
Publisher: Plein Sud
Theme: Artist monographs
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 204
Language: French, English 
Release date: 2018
ISBN: 9782922256772


This bilingual and richly illustrated publication brings together the largest collection of works by the photographer to date in a single volume. Photographer of present and Fashionrnity, Denis Farley captures the impact of our technological developments on our environment: telecommunications or storage facilities, desolate and transformed landscapes, relays, cabling and networks. Under documentary appearances, these images are largely appealing to dreams and our imagination.

Author Vincent Lavoie is a teacher, publications director and member of various scientific committees and research groups. Specialist of photojournalism in contemporary art, he has signed some books dedicated to the image. Here he describes the various achievements of photographer Denis Farley, opening to our attention various perspectives on the work. For example, we see how Farley's work shows that a form of "colonization" of architecture and public spaces by technostructures dedicated to communication is at work all around us.

Presented on numerous occasions in Canada, in the United States and Europe, Denis Farley's work is in the largest collections, including those of the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography in Ottawa.

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