Scoop - Atelier Make

Scoop - Atelier Make

These delicate porcelain scoops are modelled after the the classic stainless steel variety we so often see in bakeries and candy shops. Add a little flare to your baking by using one in your flour or sugar jar, and keep one on hand in the pantry for those sacs of rice and grain. We have one just beside the tub along side a lovely jar of bath salts. Measures 1/4 cup. Glazed interior, smooth stony exterior.

Slip cast porcelain
16.5 cm long, 5.5 cm wide, 3.5 cm high.

  • All products are dishwasher safe, though hand washing will lengthen their lifespan.
  • Avoid sudden heat-shock / changes in temperature.
  • Remove stains on un-glazed areas by scrubbing gently with baking soda and water.
  • Ceramics that have gold luster decorations should not go into a microwave or dishwasher.