Berthe Morisot Masterpieces of Art

Regarded by her fellow impressionists as a 'virtuoso colourist', Berthe Morisot (1841-95) strove to be considered an equal among her male peers - an uphill struggle at a time when women were generally forbidden from taking formal artistic training. Nevertheless, she succeeded in forging a career, gaining respect, becoming a key player and creating a body of work that has stood the test of time. Her impressionism vibrates with light and spontaneity and yet possesses a density of form through the deft use of colour. Inevitably she painted what she experienced: scenes of intimate domestic and family life, gardens, flowers, landscapes - representing the real, unfiltered day-to-day life of 19th-century women - from the tender depiction of maternal love in The Cradle to the Far-Eastern inspired Julie with her Greyhound Laërte.

This gorgeous book introduces the reader to the background, life and work of the artist, followed by a curated selection of her best work in exquisite full-page reproductions.

Title: Berthe Morisot Masterpieces of Art 
Author: Ann Kay 
Publisher: Flame Tree Publishing 
Theme: Artist monographs 
Format: Hardcover 
Pages: 128 
Dimensions: 20 x 23 cm 
Language: English 
Release date: October 2020 
ISBN: 9781839641893 

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