A Tea in the Tundra / Nipishapui Nete Mushuat

In this poetry collection, Joséphine Bacon challenges our traditional notions of culture and perception, landscape and wilderness, the limits of experience, and the nature of human being. With a surreal blend of emotions and memories, "A Tea in the Tundra / Nipishapui Nete Mushuat" portrays a complex and ever-shifting landscape of possibilities. The author passionately reveals a finely wrought sensibility, which elevates the subtle scenery of life's everyday events. The French-language edition of this book was shortlisted for the 2014 Governor General's Literary Award for poetry.

Title: A Tea in the Tundra / Nipishapui Nete Mushuat
Author: Joséphine Bacon 
Publisher: Bookland Press 
Theme: Indigenous cultures 
Format: Softcover 
Pages: 96 
Language: English, Algonquian 
Release date: January 2017 
ISBN: 9781772310351