Jules Pansu

This company, created in 1878 in Paris, has been handed down from generation to generation since Jules Pansu.

It is a factory that designs and manufactures wall tapestries since its origin. The factory is located in the north of France, in Flanders, in Halluin.

Today, it is a history that continues in its craftsmanship and innovation always in the tradition of French tapestry.

In 2012, Pansu obtained the EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) label thanks to its team of highly qualified designers and weavers, but also thanks to the transmission of the craftsmen's expertise. This knowledge has led two of the factory's workers to receive the "Meilleurs ouvriers de France" medal.

More than 125 years after its creation, the Pansu workshop continues to work on real Jacquard looms with the same objective of proposing masterpieces that have decorated the history of France for decades while also proposing works of their own, more modern creations, but always with the same unequalled craftsmanship...