Cushion cover - Picasso - Femme dans un fauteuil - 1927

Cushion cover - Picasso - Femme dans un fauteuil -1927

  • Front of the cushion : in jacquard tapestry
  • Back of the cushion in brushed cotton
  • 85 % cotton and 15 % polyester
  • Made in France

In 2010, the house of Jules Pansu, creator and manufacturer since 1878, designs a first painter's collection from the works of Pablo Picasso selected with the agreement of the Picasso Estate. This is the beginning of a long collaboration with many artists' estates: Miró, Magritte, Kandinsky and Rousseau.

Labelled "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" (Living Heritage Company), the French heritage dimension of the Jules Pansu company, combined with the international reputation of the artists, made the collection an immediate success.