Draw Like a Child

For novices, experts, and anyone trying to free themselves from the constrains of perfectionism, Draw Like a Child is a whimsical guide to playing like an artist

Draw Like a Child is a guided sketchbook for anyone seeking a fresh approach to drawing. Both a guide to making entirely original illustrations and a place where artists—amateurs and experienced ones alike—can honestly express themselves, this book emboldens you to be brave enough to draw whatever you want and innocent enough to make mistakes. Ignore the rules of what makes art “Art” and toss aside any inhibitions you have in order to draw as freely as possible. Broken down into seven chapters, each focuses on a different drawing method and offers exercises designed to help you loosen up and make works of art that feel like you. Filled with examples of Haleigh Mun’s vibrant art, Draw Like a Child will lead you on a journey to discover your true artistic self.

Title: Draw Like a Child: Take Chances, Make Mistakes, and Find Your Artistic Style 
Author: Haleigh Mun 
Publisher: Harry N. Abram 
Theme: Youth literature 
Format: Softcover 
Pages: 160 
Dimension: 16 x 20 cm 
Language: English 
Release date: April 2021 
ISBN: 9781419748066