Postcard - Paul Kane - Mah-Min, about 1848

Postcard - Paul Kane - Mah-Min, about 1848

Size: 7 x 6 inches

In May 1846, Paul Kane, sponsored by Hudson’s Bay company, undertook a long voyage through the prairies to Fort Vancouver (present-day Portland, Oregon). He brought back more than five hundred sketches to use as studies for his paintings. His care with detail and the ethnographic character of his observations contrast with the picturesque approach of Krieghoff and provide a more accurate idea of the Amerindians’ way of life. Still, his composed settings and subjects adhere to the painting conventions of the time.

Paul Kane (1810-1871), Mah-Min, vers / about 1848.
Achat, legs William Gilman Cheney / Purchase, William Gilman Cheney Bequest.