Il Modo Italiano : Italian design and avant-garde in the 20th century

Title: Il Modo Italiano : Italian design and avant-garde in the 20th century
Authors: Collective
Publisher: Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
Theme: Decorative Arts
Format: Softcover
Pages: 384
Language: English
Release date: August 2006
ISBN: 9782891922975


Italian design has spanned the whole of the twentieth century, leaving a highly distinctive mark on the way that the form of objects of everyday use is perceived in industrial and contemporary society. This Modo Italian° has succeeded, through a complex and hesitant process of industrial innovation and technological updating, in developing an independent and multifaceted culture of design capable of marrying the country's rich craft tradition with an often fiercely resisted aspiration to modernity made up of flashes of improvization and irony, and associated with an arduous bent for experimentation. In this sense, the history of Italian design has not yet been subjected to an exhaustive interpretation of the cultural and artistic dimensions of the phenomenon, and in particular little has been said so far about the synergy between artistic experimentation and innovative design that has characterized it throughout the twentieth century. The exhibition and this catalogue set out to offer a first overview of these links through an exploration of the different ways of seeing, interpreting, and representing industrial society in Italy on the part of the architects, artists, and designers who lived though its emergence, and who to some extent "invented" it.