Prompt: Socially Engaging Objects and Environments

Fueled by an increasingly interconnected world, the desire for engaging experiences plays a more important role in interiors than ever before. There is a tendency in the design of products, furniture, and environments toward enhanced interaction that employs psychosocial principles. This publication presents both high and low-tech applications ranging from a light fixture to art installations and fully realized buildings.

The book illustrates human-centered design strategies through a series of six chapters, each including examples that introduce one of following approaches: communicating, stimulating, synomorphic, transactional, transformative, and challenging.

Title: Prompt: Socially Engaging Objects and Environments
Author: Tamie Glass
Publisher: Birkhäuser
THeme: Architecture
Format: Softcover
Pages: 224
Dimensions: 17 x 23 cm 
Language: English
Release date: June 2018 
ISBN: 9783035611939