Alex Colville: The Observer Observed

Charting the prodigious life and career of one of Canada`s best-known artists, this illustrated biography shows Alex Colville as both artist and public figure, engaging many worlds at once—from painting and politics to creativity and business. He has been given some of the highest honors for his art, but he has also been charged with misogyny, opportunism, and crowd-pleasing. This compelling profile ultimately attempts to answer the question, Where is the truth among all these contradictions?

Titre : Alex Colville: The Observer Observed
Auteur : Mark A. Cheetham
Éditeur : ECW Press 
Thème : Art québécois et canadien 
Format : Broché  
Pages : 185
Dimensions : 18 x 25 cm 
Langue : Anglais 
Date de publication : Mars 1997
ISBN : 9781550222401