Never Touch a Painting When It's Wet

Titre : Never Touch a Painting When It's Wet 
Auteur : Anneloes van Gaalen 
Éditeur : Book Industry Services 
Thème : Essais
Format : Relié  
Pages : 160 
Dimension : 13 x 18 cm 
Langue : Anglais 
Date de publication : Janvier 2014 
ISBN : 9789063692803 

Résumé : 

Art rules the world. But what about the rules of art? In our current day and age, the general consensus seems to be that creativity, divine inspiration and art can never be bound by rules. Artists need to push the envelope, be ahead of the curve, and if there are any rules out there it is the artist's prerogative, if not God-given right, to break them.But up to the early 20th century, artists did not have the complete artistic freedom that they are believed to enjoy today. They were bound by rules of art, of decency and indeed of taste.This books contains 51 art rules. From the age-old 'Rule of Thirds' to modern mantras like 'Design isn't art.' Myths, like the one of the struggling artist, are dispelled, while other rules are merely confirmed with the help of quotes by artists, theorists and art enthusiasts.