On Colour...

Titre : On Colour... 
Auteur : Ian Whittlesea 
Éditeur : The Everyday Press 
Thème : Artisanats et loisirs créatifs 
Format : Relié  
Pages : 52 
Dimension : 18 x 18 cm 
Langue : Anglais 
Date de publication : Octobre 2019 
ISBN : 9781912458080 

Résumé : 

From the author of Becoming Invisible, further exercises in invisibility through Bauhaus color theory

On Colour... extends the theories of color harmony that Joahnnes Itten taught at the Bauhaus and describes how "through perfect control of breath and color one will eventually be able to generate a luminous cloud of such purity and intensity that it renders all inside it invisible. Beautifully designed and printed, it describes how one can, potentially, produce the "white cloud of invisibility" and documents the author's own attempts to manifest the cloud. These manifestations have a complex group of antecedents that include Lawrence Weiner's early spray-painted works, John Latham's One Second Drawings, Robert Irwin's luminous disc paintings of the 1960s and representations of the ineffable made by spiritualists and occultists.