Crayola: A Visual Biography of the World's Most Famous Crayon

A vibrant and colorful history of Crayola crayons, from the company's origin story, the birth of the Crayola crayon, the evolution of the iconic crayon packages, and profiles of every Crayola color from Sky Blue to Carnation Pink.

Everyone has a relationship with color. If you think back to your first memories of exploring color, there is a very good chance that crayons were involved. And when it comes to crayons, Crayola is king.

This book explores the history of a beloved childhood art supply, while also delving into our relationship with color: how we use and create with color, and how we name colors. It looks at the history of the 120 iconic colors of Crayola and where they came from, and how Crayola itself has helped shape our understanding of color over the last century and a half. Finally, this book explores how people -- adults and children alike -- have and continued to turn to Crayola to inspire and manifest their creativity. Filled with hundreds of illustrations and archival photos, Crayola is a nostalgic and fascinating wonderland of creativity and delight.

Titre : Crayola: A Visual Biography of the World's Most Famous Crayon
Auteur : Lisa Solomon, Crayola LLC
Éditeur : Black Dog 
Thème : Activités créatives
Format : Relié
Pages : 256
Dimensions : 21 x 24 cm 
Langue : Anglais 
Date de publication : Novembre 2021 
ISBN : 9780762470815