Ned Pratt: One Wave

The world in bold; Newfoundland in abstract.

"It is the landscape that endures, it is the landscape that remains in control." — Ned Pratt

With Ned Pratt, there is no nostalgia, no romance, no theatre. His interest in the Newfoundland landscape forms the foundation for his photography.

Pratt's approach to the act of looking transcends place. He distills the landscape into abstractions of form and colour. Disrupting depth with close architectural details and incisions of poles and wires, he undermines the traditional, romantic notion of “looking out” to sublime geometry.

Ned Pratt: One Wave charts a decade of Pratt's breathtaking photography. Echoing Pratt's aesthetic, this beautifully designed book presents Pratt's works in formal conversation with each other. Stark imagery of buildings is juxtaposed with forays into abstraction and celebrations of the inherent geometry of natural forms — whether a single wave crashing over a wall or stones cracked by freezing and thawing.

Titre : Ned Pratt: One Wave
Auteurs : Collectif
Éditeur : Goose Lane Editions
Thème : Photographie
Format :  Relié
Pages : 120
Dimensions : 26 cm x 31 cm 
Langue : Anglais
Date de publication : Novembre 2018
ISBN : 9781773100869