Jean Paul Riopelle and the Automatiste Movement

Titre: Jean Paul Riopelle and the Automatiste Movement
Auteur : François Marc Gagnon
Éditeur : McGill–Queen's University Press
Sujet : Art québécois
Format : Relié
Pages : 212
Dimension : 21 x 26 x 2,5 cm
Langue : anglais
Date de publication : 14-09-2020
ISBN: 9780228001157

Résumé :

The artist Jean Paul Riopelle is best known for his renowned mature abstract style. In this fascinating history, François-Marc Gagnon begins with the artist's first paintings and his early commitment to objectivity to explore Riopelle's involvement with the Automatiste movement and its lasting impact on his work.

Demonstrating the qualities of scholarship and writing that were the hallmark of Gagnon's long career, his last book is engaging and clear and stands out for its originality, integrity, and profound insight into the work and milieu of the artist that André Breton called "the peerless trapper."

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