Art Unfolded: A History of Art in Four Colours

Trace the history of art through 48 paintings and four colors, woven together to form a fascinating and kaleidoscopic tale.

BLUE: the color of the beyond and the divine
RED: the color of blood, purity and sensuality
GREEN: the color of new life, but also of sickness and death
GOLD: the color of wealth, attributed to the things we value most

These four colors tell the history of art in a way that few other details can. From the pigments that hold them - sometimes wildly expensive, like Ultramarine, or dangerously toxic, like Emerald Green - to the varied and changing meanings applied to them, these colors grant us access to fascinating stories, both of individual works of art and the world in which they were created.

Titre : Art Unfolded: A History of Art in Four Colours 
Auteur : Ben Street 
Éditeur : Ilex Press 
Thème : Artisanats et loisirs créatifs 
Format : Broché  
Pages : 128 
Dimensions : 13 x 18 cm 
Langue : Anglais 
Date de publication : Septembre 2018 
ISBN : 9781781575628